Are you experiencing financial stress?

Early intervention is the key to turning around your affairs and avoiding bankruptcy.

You are not alone

At D. Kwasnicky & Associates Inc. we specialize in assisting individuals and corporations in overcoming financial stress. We will work directly with you to identify the cause of the problem, discuss options that meet your particular goals and assist with the implementation of practical solutions.

For anyone overwhelmed with financial problems, it is easy to become discouraged. You owe it to yourself to take the first step to get your financial affairs back under control. Contact a professional to discuss the options for dealing with your debts and start the process to regain your financial health.

A business may experience financial distress at any point; as part of a normal economic or business cycle, during rapid growth, or where general misfortune arises. Our firm specializes in providing assistance to small and mid-sized companies and their stakeholders.

Bankruptcy is not the only option

At D. Kwasnicky & Associates Inc., you will meet with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee to discuss your financial concerns and review the options regarding your insolvency.