Early intervention is the key to turning around your financial affairs; people

D. Kwasnicky & Associates Inc. – British Columbia Insolvency Services

D. Kwasnicky & Associates Inc. is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee that specializes in assisting individuals and corporations in overcoming financial stress. We will work directly with you to identify the cause of the problem, discuss options that meet your particular goals and assist with the implementation of practical solutions.

An initial free, confidential appointment is provided to assess your needs. Contact us to schedule your assessment. Saturday and evening appointments are available.

Are You Experiencing Financial Stress?
There are many unavoidable circumstances that may lead to financial stress. Early intervention is the key to turning around your affairs and avoiding bankruptcy. We will use our experience in insolvency services to assist you through the process and return you to financial health.

Financial Resources
At D. Kwasnicky & Associates Inc., we provide you with financial forms, helpful links and other resources that can ease your stress in dealing with your personal finances.

We also take your privacy very seriously, and take measures to protect your information, subject to statutory requirements.